Tune in to see how Affordable Drain Service Inc. stands out from the competition. Plus, learn why company specialties help this business thrive. 

Duane Johnson joined Affordable Drain Service Inc. in 2000. He and owner Craig Post saw the opportunity to grow the business by adding CCTV to the menu of services, so they created Affordable Pipeline Services as a separate entity to build on the emerging opportunities in the municipal market.

Post had been in business for a number of years, and Johnson had a background in CCTV as well as connections with engineering firms looking for this technology.

“I knew there was a tremendous amount of work available,” Johnson says. “There was business going out in the City of San Diego – huge contracts –  and I had good relationships with key engineering firms at the time with tremendous support. That helped us in the beginning.

“Craig mortgaged his house to buy that first TV van. Having the camera allowed us to inspect and clean the larger diameter pipes.”

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