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Watch as a crew shows you a start-to-finish install of a 4-inch cleanout using the powerful Perma-Liner Cleanout Installation System. Workers use extra precaution as another utility line runs nearby.

This system gives you access to the lateral pipe for cleaning inspection and lateral lining through a cleanout. The Cleanout Installation System can also be used to establish a new service connection at the mainline pipe. It is compatible with all pipe types such as clay, cast iron, concrete, PVC, and even HDPE and is available in 4- to 24-inch diameters.

This easy-to-use system is hard to beat:

• Homeowner Friendly: Minimal disruption and restoration.

• Utility Friendly: Vacuum excavation eliminates the potential hazards of digging up buried utility lines such as water and gas.

• Environmentally Friendly: Saves trees and landscaping.

• Installer Friendly: No large trench boxes, no shoring, and no man-entry means a safe workplace.

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