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Fluidmaster donates $25,000 to Operation Rise and Conquer
Fluidmaster recently presented a $25,000 donation to Operation Rise and Conquer at the American Supply Association meeting in New York City. Operation Rise and Conquer works with wounded or disabled veterans to regain confidence by offering outdoor activities such as rock climbing, skiing, snowmobiling, off-road biking, horseback riding and rafting.

Michels adds sewer and catch basin cleaning
Michels Pipe Services recently purchased eight Camel 1200 wastewater recycling sewer and catch basin cleaning trucks to become the largest owner of the equipment in the U.S. The company's business development manager, John Manijak, who has more than 17 years of experience in the municipal sewer cleaning industry, will coordinate the expanded services from Michels’ regional office in Montgomery, Illinois.

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