The right wheels make all the difference when it comes to efficient sewer inspection

To inspect sewers successfully, your crawler must travel as far as possible — and that’s nearly impossible without the right wheels. Properly chosen wheels maximize ground clearance and sidewall contact, and offer a tread pattern that optimizes grip and minimizes camera vibration.

To help operators select the best wheels for a given pipe, Envirosight has created an Inspection Crawler Wheel Setups poster. It depicts popular wheel setups best suited to various combinations of pipe size, material and condition.

“Maximizing a sewer inspection crawler’s travel distance often comes down to one thing: proper wheel selection,” says Jake Wells, director of marketing for Envirosight. “With the appropriate wheels, crawler operators can ensure maximum ground clearance and sidewall contact, plus limit camera vibration and enhance tread grip. The poster is an ideal field reference for any inspection van.”

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The poster was published as part of Envirosight’s commitment to create and share reference material that benefits industry professionals. To request a complimentary Inspection Crawler Wheels Setups poster or to download it as a PDF, visit The poster will be mailed within two to four weeks.

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