When the 4- and 5-year-olds at Extended Love Child Development Center in Pleasant Prairie, Wis., took the stage for their kindergarten graduation ceremony, no one expected Justin Keeker’s response to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

With his father and grandfather in the drain cleaning business, it just made sense for Justin to say he wants to be a sewer cleaner. Norman Todd Jr., and Norm Sr., own Ace Electric Sewer Cleaners in Milwaukee, which offers televising, sewer cleaning and maintenance, jetting, vacuuming, and lateral root removal. 

Check out the video clip: 

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“What was a real stitch about that day was that nobody expected his response,” says Carla Keeker, Justin’s grandmother and the company’s bookkeeper. “We had one boy that wanted to be Superman, and of course the girls who wanted to be Cinderella and princesses.” 

And Justin wasn’t the only one with hopes of working in the industry. “Another little boy said he wanted to be a sewer cleaner, too,” says Carla. “It was just so unique.”   

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While the crowd appears to enjoy Justin’s off-the-wall response, Carla says his father, Norman Todd Jr., was more shocked. “I think he was more embarrassed at first,” she says. “I guess because he just didn’t expect it out of him.” 

As a former preschool teacher, Carla knows just how clever even the youngest learners can be. “Justin just has a quick wit,” she says. “He has really good understanding. 

“I’ve taken him on different job sites so he has sat at the computer in the truck and watched the camera going through the line. He asks lots of questions, and then proceeds to go to school and tell all about it. And the teacher says he doesn’t miss a beat.” 

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The short video says a lot about the impact those in the drain cleaning industry can have on a younger generation. “It’s just that little blurb, but the kids were just so matter-of-fact,” says Carla. “It’s something to laugh at. We have enough serious stuff; let’s have the lighter side.”

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