The 31st Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International offers 84 seminars with advice on improving business practices and in-the-field performance

This year’s Pumper & Cleaner education program offers 84 seminars given by industry experts covering a full range of topics for environmental service professionals.

The lineup includes instruction on industry-specific in-field techniques as well as sound business and management practices of interest to any business owner. Once again, the lineup for Education Day (Wednesday, March 2) is broken into tracks hosted by leading industry associations.

Seminars on Thursday and Friday, March 3 and 4, provide more learning opportunities and include an expanded lineup of sessions presented in Spanish. Here is a brief look at the education program. For more information on seminar times, locations and speakers, visit


Leaders Resource Network

This series of seminars emphasizing business skills attracts large crowds every year. Sessions include:

Profile of a Successful Business

Successful Business Best Practice Discussion

Successful Business Profile sessions (three)

Panel discussion with couples in business together

These seminars dispense general business knowledge but have a special focus on portable restroom and septic system service companies.

Southern Section Collection Systems Committee

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These sessions are of special interest to sewer service contractors and municipal managers in charge of collection systems. Sessions include:

Sewer Collection System History and the Evaluation of Pipeline Materials and Problems

Combo Vacuuming: A Forgotten Art

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Keeping Your Standard CCTV Inspection Program Relevant

Growing Your Business by Building Your Company Image

Pump Station and Lift Station Fundamentals and How to Achieve Maximum Service and Reliability

Making Sense out of Nozzle Nonsense


This track provides insights on the finer points of pipeline inspection, evaluation, and rehabilitation, especially with trenchless technologies. Seminars include:

Grout: Its Use and Application for the Total Collection System

Look Ma, No Hands: Using Automated Controls in Temporary Bypass Pumping Applications

Pipe Bursting Tools for Everyday Utility Installations

How Will You Know if You Need to do a Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES)?

Laser Profiling Applications for Documenting Piping System Conditions

Advancements in UV Technology for Curing CIPP

National Environmental Health Association

This series covers a broad range of topics of interest to professionals who install, inspect and service onsite wastewater treatment systems. Seminars include:

The Qualified O&M Service Provider: An Opportunity to Do Well While Doing Good

Effluent Screens and Filters for Onsite Applications

Develop Champions for Your Decentralized Wastewater Projects by Harnessing the Smart Growth Concept

The Business of Management

Developing O&M Inspection Actions in Partnership to Improve the Quality of O&M

Building a Successful O&M Program: Working with Regulators, Regulations and Industry

National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association

This track covers more topics related to the design, installation and management of onsite systems. Seminars include:

Pumps: A Basic Understanding

Selling the System to the Site Conditions

Effluent Dispersal and Water Management Around Soil Absorption and Treatment Systems

Troubleshooting Our Modern Waste Stream

System Remediation: Why, What, When, Where and How

Sampling Sewage Treatment Systems

WaterJet Technology Association

These sessions cover topics of interest to professionals in the high-pressure cleaning and industrial vacuum sectors. Seminars include:

Estimating the Vacuum Job for Fun and Profit

How to Maximize the Power of Your Waterjetter Through Tip and Hose Selection

Waterjetting: Financial Startup Considerations and Real-World Application

Portable Sanitation Association International

Two sessions in this track highlight keys to profitable operations in the portable restroom industry. Seminars include:

Understanding Your True Cost Per Service For Special Events

Understanding Your True Cost: PSAI panel of experts

Safety Management Systems

A single session is offered: Avoiding Violation Fines & Tickets with DOT Safety Compliance Required.

National Association of Wastewater Transporters

NAWT presents six sessions dedicated to professionals in septic system pumping, operations and maintenance, grease pumping, waste treatment and system installation. Seminars include:

So You Think You Want to Own a Waste Treatment Facility?

Grease as a Resource

Resource Recovery: Methane and Septage

O&M Problems on Drip Distribution Systems

O&M Problems We Have Seen

O&M Problems With Media Filters

Scott Hunter

Here is a special series of five seminars on building leadership skills and establishing a strong and prosperous business, given by motivational speaker and business coach Scott Hunter. Seminars are:

The Mindset of Leadership, Part One

The Mindset of Leadership, Part Two

The Mindset of Leadership, Part Three

Creating an Outrageously Successful Organization, Part One

Creating an Outrageously Successful Organization, Part Two


Business Track

45 Marketing Tips in 45 Minutes

The Benefits of Vehicle Routing Software in Today’s Economy

Unleashing the Power to Profit and Freedom

Liquid Waste Track

The Evolution of Effluent Filters

Life Cycle: From Waste to Windfall

Take Confined Space Seriously: A Matter of Life and Death

New Business Opportunity Track

Centripipe (Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe)

Valve Exercising and Fire Flow Testing for a Reliable Water Distribution System

The Basics of Buying and Selling a Septic or Sewer Business Company

Municipal Track

Think Like Grout: For Better Point Repair of Below Grade Structures

CCTV Inspections Evolve to Unparalleled Heights

Manhole Chimney Section Rebuilds

Installer Track

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Technology for Decentralized Wastewater Systems

Shallow Pressurized Drainfields for Soil-Based Effluent Dispersal

Onsite System Solutions for Shallow Installations

Spanish Track

Técnicas Corrientes de Limpieza de Tuberías (Current Pipeline Cleaning Technologies)

Avances en la Evaluación de Tuberías y Tecnologías sin Zanja para Rehabilitación de Tuberías (Latest Advances in Pipeline Assessment, Pipeline Rehabilitation and Trenchless Technologies)

La Elección de Boquillas en la Limpieza de Drenajes (The Selection of Nozzles for Sewer Cleaning)

Advanced Installer Course

Introduction and Site Evaluation

System Sizing and Basic Design Principles

Pumping to Systems

Installations of ATUs

Installing for Management

Troubleshooting Systems


Municipal Track

Large Pipe Inspection

Chemical Grouts & Grouting Methods

Sectional CIPP Repairs Per ASTM F2599

Business Track

Save Money – Go Paperless

Marketing Your Septic/Drain Service Business

Evolving Your Business with Digital Solutions

Spanish Track

Abriendo Caminos - Pathways

Efficient Cleanup Operations of Any Latin American Sewer Network

Rodding Equipment and Simple Tools for Sewer Cleaning

Liquid Waste/Installer Track

Grease Interceptor 101

Data Logging for Onsite Septic System Diagnosis

Belt Press Performance Optimization

Sewer & Drain Cleaning Track

InLine Cutting Tools – Taking Science to the Sewer

Waterjetting: Impact on Drain Cleaning

Jetters: Don’t Underestimate Your Cable Machines

Portable Restroom Track

Routing Efficiency and Analysis

Give Me 3 Reasons Why I Should Advertise My Portable Restroom Company


Early registration costs just $40 per person (until Jan. 28). At-the-door registration is $60 for the full program. To find out more, visit or call 866/933-2653.

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