The Mega Screen septic receiving station from ScreenCo Systems has 40.5 square feet of screening area, fed by a 6-inch inlet with dual fan spreaders. The front screens are virtually self-cleaning, processing up to 1,000 gpm. The dual screen design is nonmechanical and uses gravity to separate trash from the waste stream. The unit is constructed from aluminum with stainless steel 3/8-inch gapped bar screens on opposing angles, meeting the 503 regulations for septic screening. It can be set up with a single 6-inch inlet hose or two 4-inch inlet hoses capable of off-loading two trucks simultaneously. It will not plug with rags or hair, and simple raking to the trash drain tray with the custom tools provided makes for a simple clean-out. Built-in forklift skids make it portable. An OSHA-compliant catwalk is included. 208/790-8770;

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