The RD MASTERJET nozzle from Hammelmann Corp. has HPS sealing technology and adjustable speed rotation. It is designed for use with shotguns, robotic lance systems or replacement of any rotating tool. It is lightweight at 2.2 pounds, with a compact ergonomic design 2.2 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches in length. It can be used at operating pressures up to 46,500 psi, with its optimum internal flow allowing the pump’s total performance to be used. It has a versatile universal nozzle hub for working with two- or four-nozzle inserts. Nozzle inserts are countersunk in the nozzle carrier with blast-back shields. Speed is controlled by an infinitely variable magnetic brake. It can be used for cleaning and washing, expansion joint removal, coating and paint removal from surfaces, blasting pipe externals, paint booth grid and skid cleanup, superstructure surface preparation, heavy machinery cleanup and surface preparation. 800/783-4935;

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