Sometimes simple is better. Equipment that is easy to operate means less fuss for operators, and an easier learning curve for new employees. That was the main objective when technicians at Sewer Equipment designed the Model 900 ECO sewer cleaner.

The unit eliminates potentially complex touch screens and digital displays in favor of manual controls designed to make the unit easy to operate and maintain. A simplified powertrain system also makes the 900 ECO combination sewer cleaner more efficient — essentially combining the cost savings and capabilities of a new combination truck with the operating simplicity of trucks that came out decades ago.

“What really sets this unit apart is the efficiency of the Hydro-Drive system,” says John Wichmann, executive vice president for Sewer Equipment. “It completely eliminates the need for gearboxes.”

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According to Wichmann, the benefits of the 900 ECO are threefold. Not only does the Hydro-Drive system reduce the long-term cost of ownership and improve natural resource management, the intentional separation of the chassis system from the module systems creates clear lines of responsibility when problems arise. The only interface between the module and chassis is via the throttle control port, an intentional lack of integration aimed at eliminating potential CANbus communication problems between the chassis and module. The easy-to-understand controls enhance safety while making the unit easier to operate.  

“Because the systems are separate, it eliminates the idea of the chassis supplier blaming the equipment OEM and the equipment OEM blaming the chassis supplier,” he says. “Also, simplicity of operation allows for short training cycles, thus better facilitating the reality of rotating operating crews and associated operation of the equipment.”

The unit operates at 35 percent lower rpm than a typical sewer cleaner, consuming considerably less fuel and emitting less noise than traditional designs. The unit also features simple controls. Once the operator flips a switch to put the truck into work mode, its water pump, blower and throttle switches can be engaged.  

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The 900 ECO is available in 6-, 9-, 12- and 15-yard debris capacities, with respective water capacities of 1,400, 1,750 and 2,100 gallons. The water tank is made of Duraprolene, which offers immunity to corrosion and dents for long service life, and also eliminates the need for draining during storage. The fully baffled construction eliminates sloshing and allows for safe travel at highway speeds while full. The boom features a full 10-foot extension and 180-degree rotation, enabling a hydroexcavation option. It is aimed at municipalities and contractors that specialize in municipal sewer work. 877/735-4640;

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