The Folding Tripod Lifter from ScreenCo Systems helps eliminate painful and costly back injuries, easily lifting stubborn and heavy septic and pump chamber lids. The all-aluminum unit has a lifting capacity of 600 pounds, with an 800-pound winch with auto-brake. It includes 20 feet of 3/16-inch galvanized cable, or is available with a 1,200-pound winch that holds 50 feet of cable. A stainless steel cable option is also available. Three versions of the unit are available, with 4-, 5- or 6-foot legs. The 4-foot model weighs 28 pounds and is ideal for storing upright in service vans. The 5-foot model fits on the hose deck of most trucks, while the 6-foot model can be used to lift heavy pumps from pump chambers. All models have aluminum footpads with cleats for solid footing on soft soils. 208/790-8770;

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