QuickLock Point Repair from RauschUSA is a permanent no-dig trenchless pipeline rehabilitation installation that has a 316L stainless steel sleeve encased in an EPDM rubber gasket, mechanically compressed against the inner pipe wall and permanently locked in place by two locking gear mechanisms. No chemicals or resins are used in this system, so there is no cure time. It meets ASTM Standard F3110-14 and is NSF61 certified for use with potable water. Applications include repairing leaking or offset joints, fixing cracks and holes, preventing root intrusion, and closing unused laterals. It augments the structural strength of the pipe and is a permanent and reliable repair. The installation withstands and passes internal pressure tests. Since there are no chemicals involved, the system can be installed with flow. Applications range from 6- to 32-inch pipe diameter. 717/709-1005; www.rauschusa.com.

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