The Performance Liner Lateral System from LMK Technologies is installed from one access point using custom-fabricated, highly engineered equipment. The lateral liner repairs and rehabilitates broken and leaking pipes with diameters of 3 to 8 inches. No digging is required to line 4-inch pipes up to 130 feet or 6-inch pipes up to 100 feet. The system is NSF/ANSI 14 certified and meets ASTM F1216. If an outside clean-out is not available, a VAC-A-TEE can be easily installed by vacuum or hydroexcavation of a small-diameter hole. Outside clean-outs ensure proper resin wet-out, allow for steam venting and minimize disruption to the homeowner. The VAC-A-TEE meets the ASTM F3097-15 Standard, a practice for installation of an outside sewer service clean-out through a minimally invasive small bore created by a vacuum excavator. 815/640-9302;

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