THE SHOOTER continuous air-inversion machine for CIPP from Emagineered Solutions offers built-in lubrication, a knife gate for after the tail passes through, and a ruggedly mobile hand truck for tight easements like backyards and alleyways. The hand-truck-mounted 12 is for 6- to 12-inch pipe while the larger trailer-mounted 24 lines 12- to 24-inch pipe. The 12 comes with a full set of hookup nozzles, a steam cap, and 8- and 12-inch LIPs seals. The 24 comes with hookups for 15- to 24-inch liner and 18- and 24-inch LIPs seals. An optional conversion kit allows the 24 to be used for 6- to 12-inch liner. 541/504-0416;

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