Delivering up to 1.9 hp cutting power, the pneumatic IST PC200 from Pipeline Renewal Technologies makes quick work of lateral reinstatement. For optimum range and precision, its cutting arm articulates on four axes, each proportionally controlled with encoder feedback to reach and remember any cutting position in 8- to 28-inch relined pipe. The system is built on CANbus control architecture, which not only allows concurrent motion on all axes, but enables remote diagnostics, onboard temperature/pressure/humidity/pitch/roll sensing, easy accessorization, and swivel/zoom of the onboard camera. It lifts and rotates the cutting arm hydraulically for extra-strong feeds and plunge cuts. High-torque wheel drive motors propel the cutter as far as 300 feet into pipes, and a remote-operated brake holds the system firmly in place for steady cutting. To maximize reliability, supply lines run through the crawler but separate from the electronics, and a rearviewing camera helps prevent entanglement during extraction. 866/936-8476;

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