The Hydro Truck Vac (HTV) Series of PTO truck-driven systems from Vac-Tron Equipment is available with 300- to 800-gallon debris tanks. The PTO of the truck drives positive-displacement vacuum blowers that produce 1,000 cfm. These units come standard with a high-pressure water system, full hydraulic rear doors, reverse pressure, and the Big Red filter housing that cleans air down to 0.5 microns. The 300-gallon unit is available on an F-550 chassis, the 500-gallon unit is available on an F-650 chassis and the 800-gallon unit is on an F-750 chassis. Air compressors and hydraulic booms are also available. The available towing package is another benefit, allowing the user to tow other equipment to the job site to help with efficiency. 888/822-8766;

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