The Hydroexcavator Attachment from Southland Tool is a lightweight attachment for the end of a suction tube that allows the operator to connect a 1-, 3/4- or 1/2-inch sewer hose to blast away at dirt and rocks, suck up the wet mixture and dig holes. Suction tube sizes come in 6- and 8-inch diameters, and with a choice of flange, including Vactor, Vac-Con, Camel, Vacall and Aquatech. The all-welded steel wet ring comes with four, six, eight or 10 jets. All are 0 degrees and pointed slightly away from the center of the suction tube. An 8-inch-long Kanaflex hose is bolted to the end of the excavator to protect utility lines. At just 13 inches long and under 20 pounds, the unit is easily carried on a truck. 714/632-8198;

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