A serious injury or fatality is a gut-wrenching experience

I am constantly asked, "What’s going to happen to me, or my company with OSHA or the Department of Labor if I have a bad accident or fatality on my job site?" My usual response is that OSHA or the Department of Labor is the least of your concerns.

A serious injury or fatality will be a gut-wrenching experience. It’s something you will never forget.

I will also ask if folks work 24/7 for their utility or company, or if they have a life outside of work. Funny thing ... I’ve never had somebody say they didn’t enjoy doing something outside of work.

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I remind folks they need to be safe for themselves, their families and co-workers.

This picture does a pretty good job of summing it all up:

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About the author
David Dow is chair of the training committee of the North American Excavation Shoring Association (NAXSA) and co‑founder and vice president of TrenchSafety and Supply, Inc. NAXSA was formed in July 2014 with the core purpose of promoting the safe and effective use of excavation shoring equipment and practices. The ultimate goal of the association is zero deaths and injuries in the excavation construction industry. For more information, visit www.naxsa.com.

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