Top performance at 10,000 to 40,000 psi

Lances are the basic tools of waterjetting, and NLB offers more choices than anyone in the industry. Our NLB 286B and NLB 535 Series lances enhance operator safety and comfort while delivering the performance features they need to do their jobs effectively.

These lances — 10 models in all, rated from 10,000 to 40,000 psi — reduce hose stress (and the potential for accidents) with a 45-degree inlet tube that eliminates the hose bend radius behind the inlet connection. Hose friction is also reduced, since the hose no longer passes through a loop in the shoulder stock.

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Like earlier NLB lances, the 286B and 535 Series are relatively lightweight with a light trigger pull (8 to 12 lbs) to minimize strain and fatigue. A one-finger latch prevents accidental actuation, and a patented double-acting trigger design lets the operator dump pressure by forcing the lance into “dump” mode. For additional protection, NLB offers a WJTA-recommended safety shroud that surrounds the hose and fitting before the whip hose. 

Other standard features include NLB’s patented quick-change cartridge seal that can be replaced in the field in less than 60 seconds, and an adjustable (padded) shoulder stock that keeps the thrust line better centered on the operator’s shoulder. All lances are color-coded to indicate their pressure, per WJTA-IMCA recommended practices.

In addition to the 286B and 535 lances, NLB offers a variety of underwater, dry shut-off, and rotating lances.

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Jim Van Dam is the Director of Product Development and Marketing at NLB. Corp.

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